Foreword                                                                           Ed Douglas              iii


Mount Kennedy - North Buttress                                      Mick Fowler               3

Jannu - North Face                                                          Athol Whimp               12

Arwa Spire                                                                         Ian Parnell              19

Big Walls in Kenya                                                            John Barry              24

The Lemon Mountains of East Greenland                      Richard Pash              31

An Ascent of Mount Aspiring                                   John Slee-Smith              37


The Trails to 2002                                                           Martin Price              43

Giant Himalayan Woolly Flying Squirrels                         Kath Pyke               48

Nanda Devi Reopened                                                   George Band               50


Arunachal Pradesh                                                            Doug Scott               59

Untrodden Mountains of West Sichuan                Tamotsu Nakamura               65 

Three Solo Adventures in the Atacama                      Sverre Aarseth                77

The Cordillera Huarochiri, Peru                             Evelio Echevarria              83

In Praise of Greek Mountains                                         JGRHarding              89


Ginette Lesley Harrison                                                     Sue Black                101

Beatrice Tomasson and the South Face

   of the Marmolada                                                 Hermann Reisach               105

Some Advice on Marriage                                               Ed Douglas              114

The Diaries of Hester Norris

Edited and Introduced by                                              Dave Roberts        122


The Yeti Footprints                                                       Peter Gillman            143

A 1935 Yeti on the Rongbuk?                                       George Band            153     

The Economics of Adventure                                  Raymond B Huey       155     

Correspondence                                                                                               170


Sikkim, 1936                                                                   Robert Roaf              173

Strandatind. Climbing in Arctic Norway                  Anders Lundahl              181

Early Exploration of Kangchenjunga and

South Tibet                                                                   Michael Ward              191

Climbing with the Doon School                            Richard Anderson             197

Queen Victoria in Switzerland                                     David Seddon              202

One Hundred Years Ago                                                   CARussell             204

AREA NOTES          Edited by Jose Luis Bermudez                                        211

Contributions from:

Kelly Cordes, Derek Fordham, Lindsay Griffin, Harish Kapadia, Paul Knott,

Bill O'Connor, Simon Richardson, Javier Sanchez.

Mount Everest Foundation:

Expedition Reports 2000                       Summarised by Bill Ruthven               285

Book Reviews                             Compiled by Geoffrey Templeman               297

In Memoriam                              Compiled by Geoffrey Templeman                332               

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