South Georgia        Stephen Venables                                                      1

Ama Dablam 1990        Brendan Murphy                                                8

In the Annapurna Sanctuary        Lindsay Griffin                                13

Trekking on Tops        Vladimir Balyberdin                                          18

Death at Extreme Altitude        Oswald Oelz                                         25

East of the Saser La        Harish Kapadia                                              28

Indian Face Arete        Sandy Allan                                                        43

Where Poets and Paupers Go        Stephen Hart                                   46

Mountains of East and South-East Tibet        Michael Ward             49

A Botanist in the Yulong Shan - the Jade Dragon Mountains of

           Yunnan        Tony Schilling                                                         63

The Geological Exploration of Tibet and the Himalaya

          Nigel Harris                                                                                 68

Around the Nam Tso        Margaret Clennett                                        75

Orina        David MacGregor                                                                 80

Descending Peak Lenin        David Hopkins                                          87

Daniil Gauss's Ascent of the Volcano Kliuchevskaia Sopka

          A Kh Khrgian, V V Sher and D M Danilenko                            90

Mount Wilhelm        David J Broadhead                                               94

Mountaineering Eden - The Southern Alps        J G R Harding        98

In the Footsteps of Gervasutti        Simon Richardson                       104

More about the Fifties        John Hunt                                                 113

Yet Another High-Level Route        David Brett Duffield                 120

A Night in a Hole in the Ground        Alan Harris                             126

A Zermatt Retrospect        Paula Biner                                                129

The 125th Anniversary of the First Ascent of the Matterhorn

          John Hunt                                                                                   132

Alpine Meet 1990        Michael Binnie                                                135

Avalanche Birth        Edward Williams                                               139

For Whom the Chopper Chops        Anne Sauvy                                140

Oh My God, We're Dead!        John C Wilkinson                                149

Jura - the Unsung Mountains        Kev Reynolds                               152

The Pirin Mountains - Kingdom of the Thunder God

         Jerzy W Gajewski                                                                        155

The Grosse Spitzkop - Matterhorn of Namibia        Michael Scott  160

Descents        Terry Gifford                                                                  165

Christmas on Chimborazo        Michael Binnie                                   167

The Seven Summits        Oswald Oelz                                                 173

To Bolt or Not to Bolt        Mick Fowler                                             179

Mountains, Genes and Time        Ted Maden                                      182

C E Montague - Mountaineer and Writer        Scott Russell            188

Seracs        Hamish M Brown                                                               194

A Bibliography of Privately Printed Mountaineering Books

           Eugene P Meckly                                                                       196

The London Dinner        Anne Sauvy                                                   209

One Hundred Years Ago        C A Russell                                           215

Area Notes        Compiled by A V Saunders                                        223

          The Alps 1990        Lindsay Griffin                                           223

          South America 1990        Evelio Echevarria                             232

          Morocco 1990        Hamish M Brown                                        237

          Karakoram 1990        Paul Nunn                                               239

          Nepal 1990        Bill O'Connor                                                  245

          India 1990        Harish Kapadia                                                 248

          Miscellanea 1990                                                                       254

Mount Everest Foundation Notes 1989-90        Edward Peck         257

Book Reviews 1990        Compiled by Geoffrey Templeman            265

In Memoriam        Compiled by Geoffrey Templeman                       293

Alpine Club Notes                                                                                311

Contributors                                                                                         319

Index        Compiled by Marian Elmes                                                325