The Anglo/lndian Gangotri sanctuary expedition  Doug Scott and Mervyn English   3
For how much longer?    W. Kirstein    6
The Dent Blanche    Michael Craig    9

With young folks on the Haute Route    Marjory Wroe    20

That sinking feeling    Kev Reynolds   27
Memories of a first season    Lewis J. G. Preston    30
A mile in the sky    Ray Turmelle    34
A grand high level route    David Brett Duffield    41
Northern Norway-a personal view    Dick Turnbull    46
Twenty years of glacier recession on Kilimanjaro    Fritz Lortscher    54
First ascent of the Galenstock    E. Desor    58
Science on Mount Kongur    Michael Ward    65
Games in a private World    Mike Fowler    67
The seventh grade in France    Jean-Pierre Bouvier    75
A short walk in the Pilgun Gad    Geoff Cohen    79
The mountains of Tibet and the Tibet/China border   Frank Boothman    83
Corsica mountains    Robin G. Collomb    100
South African days    Robert Hinings    109
Da Xue Shan, Sichuan, China   Henry Day    117
The Colorado Plateau    Peter Hillman    121
British West Karakoram expedition 1981    John Nixon    132
Climbers' Playgrounds-Europe    C. Mont, CAl-Turin, J. Schneider    135
A family century in the Alpine Club    Janet Adam Smith    142

One hundred years ago    C. A. Russell    158
A winter journey through the western Himalaya   Guy Sheridan    167
Events and Trends 1978-81 Rock climbing in Britain    Geoff Milburn    175

Ten Dauphine ice climbs    Lindsay Griffin and John Brailsford    180
Round Annapurna    Edward Peck, Ashley Greenwood and John Hunt    186
The Appalachian Trail Pt 1    Phyllida Willis    197

Climbs and expeditions    compiled by Phil Bartlett    207
Science Notes 1981    Tom Connor    227
Alpine Club Notes    230
Miscellaneous Notes    compiled by John King    231
Some medical aspects of small expeditions    237
Mount Everest Foundation Notes 1980-81    compiled by Edward Peck    238
Book Reviews 1981    compiled by Geoffrey Templeman    245
In Memoriam 1981    compiled by Geoffrey Templeman
   (Lucien Devies, Marjorie Garrod, Richard Henry Grant, Nicolas Jaeger,
   John Evan, Lloyd Lewis, Thomas D. Mackinnon, Donald Norman Mill,
   John Morris, Arnold Pines, Percy Wyn-Harris)    261

Index    273