Valedictory address   Peter Lloyd    3
Mont Blanc again after 28 years    Colin Beechey    17
The Calanques    Alexis Lucchesi    21

The picturesque, the sublime and the beautiful    Peter Bicknell    33

Kangchenjunga South and Central 1978    Marek Malatynski    43
Kangchenjunga North Ridge 1979    Joe Tasker    49
Samivel-an appreciation    C. Douglas Milner    59
Climbing in Malawi    Rob Crossley and Frank Eastwood    69
Jannu    Alan Rouse    77
International Alpine Camp, Pamirs 1978    Marek Brniak    83
Early Years    David Cox    89
The phenomenon of 14 July on the Cervin    L. G. Valette    97
Perpetual Second    Barbara Swindin    102
Stamps, covers and cachets from the Nepal Himalaya Pt II    Colin Hepper    110
The first ascent of Dibibokri Pyramid, Kulu 1978    Nick Hewitt    115
The snow mountains of Irian Jaya    Hilary Collins    118
Fiction in mountaineering literature    George Pokorny    121
The opening of Ladakh - five years on    Mark Dravers    129
Tierra del Fuego l979   John Earle    141
Buni Zom    Dick Isherwood    147
The Chilean Karakoram Expedition 1979    Gaston Oyarzun    151
Forty-four and a half in the Himalaya    David Challis    154
Climbing - the wrong route    R. Sale    158
Mountaineering in Ireland    J. P. O'F. Lynam    162

Exercise oedema and mountain sickness    Michael Ward    168
Ski-mountaineering in the Eastern Alps    George Freeman    176
Modern hard climbing in South Africa    Michael Scott    182

The 1979 Spanish Expedition to Dhaulagiri I    Ramon Bramona    190
Pictures from the Archives    Edward Pyatt    193
A month on Trisul    Sadashige Inada    193
Additional notes on Namibia    Tony Mills    197
Cacciabella    Walter Kirstein    199
The Cordillera Blanca of Peru as a national park    Evelio Echevarria    200
Climbers' Playgrounds-Europe    Charles Mont and Joachim Schneider    208
One hundred years ago    C. A. Russell    211
Regional Notes 1979    Tom Connor    217
Equipment and Technique 1979    Tom Connor    235
Science Notes 1979    Tom Connor and Edward Pyatt    238
Alpine Club Notes    241
Miscellaneous and Editor's Notes    242
Book Reviews 1979    compiled by Geoffrey Templeman    247
In Memoriam    compiled by Geoffrey Templeman
   (R. M. Algie, B. L. Bathurst, D. C. Bryson, D. Edmundson, R. D. Nogare,
   A. S. Pigott, I. A. Richards, E. Roberts, Rosemary Sanderson, R. F. Stobart,
   W. Unsoeld, R. R. Williams, A. Zurcher)    259
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