About Irghil M'Goun and the Bou Goumez      Hamish Brown   3

Sandstone Towers of the American south-west desert Eric Bjornstad   10

A progress in Pyreneisme Kev Reynolds    21

The highest mountains 1968-77   D. F. O. Dangar   29

Turner - Promethean of Alpine painting WaIter Amstutz   31

Wakhan 1977   Lindsay Griffin   36

Walking and climbing in Botswana   Tony Mills   38

Mountaineering ropes   Brian J. Dunn   43

1978 American K2 expedition   H. Adams Carter   52

Stamps, covers and cachets from Mount Everest   Colin Hepper    53

The ascent of Thui II   N. P. Tritton   58

Shining mountains, nameless valleys: Alaska and the Yukon Pt III   Kenneth
Andrasko and Terris Moore  

Shots from the backwoods   C. Douglas Milner   78

A Hundred Days in the Himalaya 1977 Pt II Baleful Barnaj   Paul Nunn   87

Summers in and around the Swiss Pre-Alps   Charles Kemp   92

Brammah 1978   Anthony Wheaton   103

Mountains-the Lighter Side Introduction  Edward Pyatt  107

        1 The art of not rock-climbing  Stephen Potter  107

        2 Mountain postcards   Ivan Cumberpatch   110

Climbing in Namibia   Frank Elliott   113

The Mummer - Cordillera del Paine, Chile   David Cheesmond   117

A first ascent of Pruppoo-Brukh   Japanese Railway Workers' Karakoram

Tunnels through the Alps   Paul Sharp   122

Harold William Tilman - a tribute   Peter Lloyd and Colin Putt   132

Anglo-Polish Hindu Kush Expedition 1977   Marek Brniak   137

Climbers' Playgrounds - Europe   Gianni Battimelli, Charles Mont and Joachim Schneider   139

Mountains in the Strand   Kevin FitzGerald   144

In the steps of Shipton   P. J. Horniblow   154

To Silver Turn'd  Francis Keenlyside   157

Small Expeditions in the Himalaya   Rob Collister   166

Kohe Skhawr   Marek Brniak   172

A Whymper Pilgrimage   Charles Warren   175

Mountaineering in Winter - Some Expeditions in the Lake District   H. A. Gwynne   177

On foot in Nepal   Jay K. Longacre   181

Albigna Valley 1978 Walter Kirstein   183

Some 4000 metre peaks of southern Iran Guy Sheridan   187

Some more lists of mountains Charles Mont   197

Big Science in the Pyrenees Peter Hillman   201

One Hundred Years ago C. A. Russell   204

Events and Trends 1975-77 The Alps Lindsay Griffin   211

Regional Notes 1978 Tom Connor   220

        Europe    220

        Africa      223

        Asia   224

        Australasia    233

        North America    234

        South America    236

        Polar    242

        Britain    242

Equipment and Technique Tom Connor   244

Science Notes 1978 Tom Connor and Edward Pyatt   246

Alpine Club Notes 249

Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the first ascent of Mt Everest Peter Lloyd   250

Miscellaneous and Editor's Notes   252

Book Reviews 1978 compiled by Geoffrey Templeman    257

In Memoriam compiled by Geoffrey Templeman (Lord Chorley,

       Joyce Dunsheath, Nick Estcourt, Freda Kemsley, H. B. L. Levy,
      Mary Merrick, Sir Ralph Ismay Metcalfe, Count Ugo di Vallepiana,     Alison Chadwick-Onyszkiewicz)    265

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