The British Ogre expedition 1977      J. V. Anthoine   3

Polish K-2 expedition 1976 Janusz Kurczab   8

A Victorian surveyor-artist in the Himalaya and Karakoram Herbert Carr    12

Because it's there-and all that   Kev Reynolds   17

Shining mountains, nameless valleys: Alaska and the Yukon-Pt II Terris Moore and Kenneth Andrasko   23

Satellite pictures of mountains   George Bridge   28

Kanjiroba 1976   Dick Isherwood   37

The Hoggar Mountains 1976-77   Paul Luckock   43

The Technique of Falling   A. W. Bridge   48

The North Face of Mount Deborah   Charles Macquarie    50

Mountains and mountaineering in South Korea   Kim Jeong-tai   55

A summer in Gilgit (1975) Pt II   Rob Collister   64

Avalanche on Sisne - 1977   R. A. L. Anderson   73

The feminine share in mountain adventure Pt I II   Cicely Williams   79

Scandinavian ski traverse 1973-77   Alan Blackshaw   91

Mr Sherlock Holmes as rock-climber and all-round mountaineer   Kevin FitzGerald   99

Across Zagros on skis  Guy Sheridan  102

Grigna  L. Gasparini and F. Della Beffa   106

Norwegian centenary   Jocelin and Geoffrey Winthrop Young   109

Climbing and Competition   Dennis Gray   112

A hundred days in the Himalaya 1977 Pt I Latok II   Paul Nunn   114

A mountaineers' history of Table Mountain   Michael Scott   120

Mont Ventoux   Michael Craig   128

Dougal Haston - a tribute   J. Marshall, C.J. S. Bonington and D. Scott   132

Climbers' playgrounds - Europe   Rudolf Buchner, Dietrich Hasse and Guy Richard   139

Free climbing-some ideas for a more rigorous conception   Jean-Claude Droyer   144

East Kulu 1977   Paul Bean   149

Baffin Island adventure (The 1977 South African Expedition)  Michael Scott   153

Long-lasting effects of high altitude climbing: Fact or fancy?   Charles Houston   158

The circuit of Andorra   T. A. H. Peacocke   160

Great Gable to Wookey Hole   Graham Balcombe   168

Schoolboys on Kolahoi   Richard Gilbert   174

Too much snow on Piz Gluschaint   Walter Kirstein   178

Exploring Bhutan's North-west   John Tyson   183

Some pioneers of coasteering   Edward Pyatt   191

Mountain landscape - erosion landforms   Charles Mont   198

Kishtwar from the other side   Rob Collister   206

Karakoram inflation   R. D. Hoare   208

Spanish expedition to Saraghrar 1977   Ramon Bramona   210

One hundred years ago   C. A. Russell   211

Events and Trends 1970-6 Nepal Himalaya   Mike Cheney   218

Events and Trends 1974-7 British Isles   Geoff Birtles   227

Regional Notes 1977

        Europe      233

        Africa      236

        Asia   236

        North America  241

        South America   243

        Polar Regions   246

        Britain    247

Equipment and Technique 1977   T. M. Connor   248

Science Notes 1977   Peter Stubbs   250

Alpine Club Notes      253

Miscellaneous and Editor's Notes      254

Book Reviews 1977   compiled by Geoffrey Templeman   259

In memoriam: Claude Barbier, Thomas S. Blakeney, Marshal N. Clarke,

       Henry R. R. Fedden, John T. Holloway, Stephan Kuffner,
       Francis C. Mayo, Gwladys M. Odell, Michael Pettifer,       

       Eric E. Shipton, Sir Landsborough Thomson    279

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