Valedictory address     Jack Longland   2

Ruwenzori John Cleare   12

Small expeditions Joe Tasker    21

Winter at 8250 metres   Andrzej Zawada   28

Mountains and mountaineering as symbols I. A. Richards   35

Cragwork in Cumberland   W. P. Haskett Smith   42

Dental emergencies in the mountains   Stephen Lisney   46

The Central Cordillera of Colombia   Evelio Echevarria   49

Antipodean ventures III Mount Cook   J.G.R.Harding   55

Ice on the move   C. S. M. Doake    65

Mountains and rocks in Czechoslovakia   Josef Jurak   73

The north of England Himalayan expedition 1975   Paul Bean   83

Some psychological aspects of advanced rock climbing   Dennis Gray   88

The Julian Alps-Kugy's kingdom   Hamish Brown   95

El Gran Trono Blanco   Isabelle Agresti   99

The feminine share in mountain adventure PtII   Cicely Williams   103

Mountains of the Thui Gol  Dave Broadhead  115

The Chartreuse   Jean-Paul Zuanon   120

Metallized plastic sheeting for use in cold climate survival   P. Marcus   126

Victory and tragedy on Broad Peak   K. Glasek and J. Ferenski   129

Mountains of paradise   J. G. R. Harding   133

Climbers' playgrounds-Europe   Josef Jurak, Michael Craig, Mariano Redondo de la Paz and Tom Connor   143

The protection game   George Steele   148

A summer in Gilgit 1975 Pt I   Rob Collister   158

Huandoy-Chopicalqui   Wolfgang Stefan   165

Garhwal Himalaya-the Bhillangana Valley   Peter Mould   168

The ice desert of Kilimanjaro   lain Allan   171

The south face of Mount McKinley 1976   Doug Scott   173

Trango conclusion   J. V. Anthoine   184

A day on the north ridge of the Peigne   C. V. Beechey   186

The Grossglockner: its climbs and pioneers   Eric Roberts   189

Piz Balzetto, Bregaglia   Walter Kirstein   197

Basil Goodfellow - mountain photographer   C. Douglas Milner   199

Skhawr 1975   Marian Bala   210

One hundred years ago   C. A. Russell   213

Events and Trends-Andes 1974-76   Evelio Echevarria   219

Events and Trends-South Africa 1974-76   Michael Scott   227

Regional Notes 1976

        Europe    233

        Africa      235

        Asia   236

        Australasia  241

        North America   242

        Poland   244

        Britain    245

Equipment and Technique 1976   Tom Connor   247

Science Notes 1976  Peter Stubbs   251

Alpine Club Notes      254

Miscellanea and Editor's Notes      255

Book Reviews 1976   compiled by Geoffrey Templeman  260

In memoriam: (Peter Biven, James Butler, R. D. S. Carpendale,

       Armand Charlet, Brian Dickson, Derrick Ellis,
       Kenneth Mason, George Miles, Miriam Underhill    265

Index   274