Mount Burney    Eric Shipton    1

At the eleventh hour    Michael Scott    5

The first ascent of Yalung Kang    Haruo Higuchi    17

The first ascent of Kangbachen    Kasimierz Olech    29

Lamjung Himal    R. J. Isherwood    37

Continents in collision    Basil Booth    43

The south face of Mount Dan Beard (3127 m), Alaska    Roger O'Donovan    63

Winter climbing in Lyngen    J. M. G. Sheridan    67

Moorland marathons    Philip Brockbank    71

An invitation to Mont Aiguille    Jean-Paul Zuanon    83

International Meet to Transalai Pamir, July/August 1974    R. Richards    89

Japanese women's expedition-Manaslu 1974    Naoko Nakasako     94

Is there an Abominable Snowman?    Rennie Bere    101

The Chief    Dick Culbert    105

Eighty years of British caving    J. D. Hanwell    111

The 'Alpine Journal' and its Editors 11,1896-1926    T. S. Blakeney    120

The National Park of the Western Pyrenees    J. M. Russell    129

Les Courtes solo    Mike Coleman    141

A note on the mountains of Sinai    J. M. Hawksley    145

Sia Kangri (7422 m) 1974 diary    Wolfgang Stefan    151

Changabang    Douglas Scott    155

The Tairraz family of Chamonix-four generations of mountain photographers

    Georges Tairraz    161

Alpine thunderstorms    Colin Taylor    173

From Zero to Astronomy    Allen Fyffe    185

Montagne Sainte-Victoire    Ernest Shepherd    189

The first ascent of Swargarohini (6247 m)    Charles Clarke    195

Dhaulagiri III    Klaus Schreckenbach and Peter von Gizycki    198

Majorteqe (Peak 1300 m) 1974    R.D. Hoare    203

Climbers' playgrounds- Europe    Wolfgang Frey, Edward Pyatt, Pierre Bossus and Charles Mont 211

Rokapi 1974 Alastair Kellas 219

Shispare climbed    Janusz Kurczab    223

The mapping of mountain terrain by side-looking airborne radar

    Edward Pyatt    226

One hundred years ago    C. A. Russell    231

Triennial Report 1972-74    North America    Tom Connor    235

                                             Indian Himalaya    Soli S. Mehta    239

Mental disturbances at high altitude    Z. Ryn    244

The Books of the Year    249

Notes 1974    The Alps    256

                      Africa    260

                      Asia    263

                      Australasia    267

                      North America    268

                      South America    269

                      Polar Regions    271

                      British Isles    273

General Notes 1974    Equipment and Technique    277

                                    Science    279

                                    Alpine Club    282

                                    Miscellaneous and Editor's    284

Other Books Reviewed    289

Mountaineering Journals Part 2    292

In Memoriam: Claude Elliott, Arnold Lunn, Wilfrid Anson, D.C.Bull

   I. G. Charleson, George Starkey, Alan Dewison, David Roberts, Leslie

   Shadbolt, Karl Weber, Dave Knowles 295

Index    305