Valedictory Address      David Cox   1

Noshaq in winter   Andrzej Zawada   11

Manaslu 1972  Wolfgang Nairz   15

The Army Mountaineering Association Himachal Pradesh Expedition                 1973   Jon Fleming   21

Antipodean ventures 1. Western Australia   J. G. R. Harding   28

Nelson's Mountains 2. Goodwin Purcell   William L. Putnam   34

Huascaran, east face direttissima   Eduard Koblmuller   39

Crossing the Hielo Patagonico del Norte   Capt. C. H. Agnew   43

Sea stacks   John Cleare   47

The Keswick brothers   Alan Hankinson    55

Three times lucky   Waiter Kirstein   65

Lauterbrunnen Breithorn - North face   Bob Barton   71

Advance and retreat of Alpine glaciers   K. Schwartz   75

Remarks on the personality of Polish climbers   Z. Ryn   87

Gliding and mountains   Charles Ellis   91

Toverkop (Witch's Head)   Michael Scott   99

In the heart of the Sahara: the Hoggar  Isabelle and Henri Agresti  103

Hindu Kush-Alpine style   Peter D. Boardman   111

Parbati South, 1972   Jon Prosser   115

Parbati South, 1973   Rob Collister   121

Mountaineering in Japan   Ichiro Yoshizawa   128

The unconquered south face of Huandoy   Roelof Schipper   139

Transcending in Devon and Cornwall   Harry Sales   145

Mountain landscape - the Vosges   Edward Pyatt and Jeffrey Russell   149

British Alpinists in the Tatra   Andrzej Kus   153

First crossing of the Alps by hot air balloon   Don Cameron   162

The Alpine Journal and its editors 1. 1863-95   T. S. Blakeney   166

The uttermost north  Mike Banks   174

Mammals of the East African mountains   Rennie Bere   179

The Hidden Valley   Rob Collister   189

Spanish expedition Hindu Kush, 1973   Jose Ma. Montfort   199

One and a half in the Alps   David Challis   203

Climbers' playgrounds - Europe   Edward Pyatt, Hubert Peterka and                 Charles Mont   207

One hundred years ago   C. A. Russell   213

Triennial Report 1971-73 Africa   Charles Kemp   219

                                              The Andes    Evelio Echevarria   228

Patagonian Ice-cap 1971-72   Members of the Johchi University AC   237

' ... every advantage that the wit of man can devise'   Henry Day   246

The Books of the Year   248

Notes 1973

        Europe    253

        Asia     254

        Australasia   256

        North America   257

        South America   258

        Polar Regions   260

        British Isles    261

General Notes  

        Equipment Review 1973    265

        Science Notes 1973   268

        Alpine Club Notes    270
Miscellaneous and Editors' Notes    271


Other Books Reviewed   275

Mountaineering Journals Part 1    277

In memoriam: Robert Ainley, Peter Brook, Claude Aurelius Elliott, Ralph

       Perrin Forster, Lord Howick of Glendale, Eric Charles Jarvis,
       Saburo Matsukata, Dennis Johnstone Munns, Harold E. L. Porter,
       Leslie Garnet Shadbolt, Eilert Sundt, Lord Tangley    279

Index   287

Tailpieces are reproduced from the Alpine Journal and from Hours of Exercise in the Alps (Tyndall)