Nelson's Mountains 1. Thomas Douglas        William L. Putnam   1

Winter 197I -72   Andrzej Mroz   8

British Alpine Ski Traverse 1972   Peter Cliff      13

The North face of Les Courtes   Ian Rowe   23

Pindos Range: Timfi massif   Robin Fedden   25

The Natal Drakensberg   R. O. Pearse   27

Himalayan Sojourn   Graham Clark   38

The French expedition to Makalu West ridge      44

Malubiting - snow peak above desert valleys   Horst Schindlbacher   53

The Himalaya - winds of change   Trevor Braham      57

Mountaineering ropes   G. R. Borwick   62

A guide to the archives of the Alpine Club   N. R. Rice   71

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta   D. M. Snoswell   78

Peru: Cordillera Vilcabamba   Robin Fedden   83

Mount Asgard   Doug Scott   85

The future of British Climbing in the 1970s   Dennis Gray   89

Bicentenary - 1972  Edward Pyatt  96

Single crystals - natural and synthetic   John A. Champion   98

Note on the history of Polish Alpinism   Jozef Nyka and Andrzej Kus   107

Climbers' playgrounds - Europe   Karel Hefman, Edward Pyatt and Robin

In Terra de Romagne   Alan Heppenstall   121

Once again, Engadine and Bregaglia   Walter Kirstein   133

Recent Activity on Mount Etna   Basil Booth   137

Bernina Bummel   B. Wilberforce Smith   139

Corsica   Tom Connor   144

Mountain landscape - the Jura   Maurice Brandt and Edward Pyatt   146

Medical problems of high altitude   John Sutton   153

Peter Botte's mountain  Linney Gilbert   161

Kilimanjaro: first ascent of the Northern Ice-field   Fritz Lortscher   166

The heart of the matter   Francis Keenlyside   168

Routes leading to Pik Kommunizma   Jerzy Wala   173

Excursions to Bara Bangahal and Lahul   Tony Smythe   179

Chitral 1971   Wolfgang Stefan   183

Kaghan 1972   Wolfgang Stefan   185

The Dugundugoo   Dick Isherwood   188

The Sword and others   Michael Scott   195

Imperial College Cordillera Real Expedition 1972   Paul Bunting   201

One Hundred Years Ago   C. A. Russell   206

Triennial Report 1970-72 Polar Regions      213

                                              British Isles       220

Notes 1972

        Europe    228

        Africa      234

        Asia    238

        Australasia  243

        North America   247

        South America   251
Polar Regions   253

        British Isles    253

General Notes  

        Equipment and Technique    255

        Science Notes    259

        Alpine Club Notes    263
Miscellaneous and Editors' Notes    265

The Books of the Year    270

Other Books Reviewed    274

Journals 1972    277

In memoriam: Gavin de Beer, John Geoffrey Bruce, George Ingle Finch

       Basil Robertson Goodfellow, William Hepplewhite, Thoma A. H.,
       Medlycott,, J. Harold Sheldon, Cyril Montague Sleeman,
       Geoffrey Summers, Edward E. T. Taylor, Micheline Morin    281

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